Locomotive bOgie Condition mAinTEnance


The LOCATE project will develop a set of tools to access the condition of freight locomotive bogies to implement a condition-based maintenance program.

It is the goal of LOCATE to contribute to an optimization of the availability of rolling stock, the quality of service, maintenance costs and return of investment.

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The main objective of the LOCATE project is to replace as necessary as possible the preventive conditional or scheduled maintenance of mechanical parts of the bogie by predictive maintenance.

This goal will be achieved by overcoming some of the historical challenges of maintenance subject, by:

1. Developing optimized condition-based maintenance strategies using dynamic tools locating and evaluating the impact on the such overall approach of CBM in maintenance planning and railway operations;

2. Developing intelligent tools integrated for the operation of the overall maintenance policy: supporting localization of faulty components, maintenance scheduling and integrating maintenance operations tasks into daily services, while ensuring appropriate inventory control of stock and spare parts and assigning maintenance crew/ technicians according to their skills/competences;

3. Testing and validating in practice an open architecture able to carry asset management data to the operator beyond the locomotive bogie, locating events and defects on freight wagons, track condition, etc.

4. Developing a minimal digital twin for the bogie system, based on vehicle dynamic simulations and post-processing, while considering the local requirements of the system. In this way, providing a comprehensive methodology to derive minimal digital twins of complex mechatronic railway systems;

5. Applying a cost-effective and reliability-based sensor design to locate defects and monitor structural integrity of critical and high cost components of the bogie following an in-depth analysis of freight-specific use cases;

6. Improving overall competitiveness of freight rail transport, increasing the freight reliability and availability, and providing a shift from inspection activities and associated costs to cost-effective remote defect localization and monitoring solutions.

Project structure

WP NumberWP TitleLead beneficiary
WP2Requirements and SpecificationsEVOLEO TECHNOLOGIES LDA
WP3Measured BehaviorVIBRATEC



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Please note that some of these deliverables might be undergoing S2R JU review and acceptance processes. At this stage these deliverables reflect only the author’s views and the S2R JU is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information they contain.

WP NoWP TitleDel Rel. NoTitleDescriptionLead BeneficiaryDissemination LevelEst. Del. Date
WP1Project ManagementD1.1Gender Strategy Plan A plan ensuring gender equality and the consideration of any gender perspectives in the project.EVOLEOPublic31 Dec 2019
WP1Project ManagementD1.2Quality Assurance Plan A plan ensuring that the quality of the technical aspects of the project are fulfilling the necessary criteria.EVOLEOPublic31 Jan 2020
WP1Project ManagementD1.3Data Management PlanA plan that outlines how data are to be handled both during the execution project, and after the project is completed.EVOLEOPublic31 Jan 2020
WP2Requirements and SpecificationsD2.1Use Cases DescriptionA document describing the case study where the demonstrator will be implemented, including the stories, interfaces and actors involved.UICPublic31 Jan 2020
WP2Requirements and SpecificationsD2.2Report on Standard and RegulationsA document describing the research of applicable standards and regulations for the project.UICPublic31 Jan 2020
WP2Requirements and SpecificationsD2.3FMECA AnalysisA document with the report of FMECA AnalysisEVOLEOPublic31 Mar 2020
WP2Requirements and SpecificationsD2.4Requirements and Architecture SpecificationA Document describing the architecture and the requirements that it implements. There will be also associated the tests to be performed as means of verification of the requirements implementation.VIBRATECPublic30 Apr 2020
WP3Measured BehaviorD3.1Available technologies assessment reportA assessment of available technologies with a trade-off analysis.VIBRATECPublic30 Apr 2020
WP3Measured BehaviorD3.2Impact on safety levels assessment reportA document identifying the impact of installing systems on the safety certifications of the train.UICPublic31 Jan 2021
WP4Reference BehaviorD4.1Available Models Assessment ReportReport with the assessment of existing models and simulations applicable to the project, including results from associated projects.ISTPublic30 Apr 2020
WP4Reference BehaviorD4.3Simulation and Post Processing Results ReportA report containing the results expected as behaviour based on simulationsISTPublic31 Jul 2021
WP4Reference BehaviorD4.4Behavior Prediction ReportA report accessing the quality of the project results regarding predictive degradation of components. VIBRATECPublic31 Oct 2021
WP5Operational BehaviorD5.1Operational Constraints Identification ReportA document describing operational constraints in maintenance shops with relevance for LOCATE projectUICPublic30 Apr 2020
WP5Operational BehaviorD5.2Monitoring and Thresholds Rules SpecificationA set of specifications for thresholds and monitoring rules.UICPublic30 Jun 2020
WP5Operational BehaviorD5.4Assessment report of unplanned events on planned maintenanceA study on how unplanned maintenance will interfere with already defined planification. FGCPublic31 Oct 2021
WP6Integration and TestingD6.4Predictive Maintenance Program Implementation and Results ReportContains the evaluation of the prototype system implementation in comparison to the requirements established in Task 2.2 and the associated lessons learnt, and the description of the steps and effort required to develop a final safe operational product.UICPublic31 Oct 2021
WP7Dissemination and ExploitationD7.1Dissemination and Communication Plan Detailed action plan for reaching the target audiences. It will focus on time planning of the various activities in this WP and on defining communication strategies in order to maximise the impact of the project dissemination.UICPublic29 Feb 2020
WP7Dissemination and ExploitationD7.2Report on dissemination activities This document will report all dissemination and communication actions performed during the project life.UICPublic31 Oct 2021
WP7Dissemination and ExploitationD7.3Exploitation Plan This document will present the project exploitation plan.EVOLEOPublic31 Oct 2021
WP7Dissemination and ExploitationD7.4Recommendations Brochure This document will be a recommendations document which can be a basis of recommendations for new standards.UICPublic31 Oct 2021

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Project coordinator:
Mr. Magno SANTOS
Ms. Christine HASSOUN

This project has received funding from the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 881805 (LOCATE)

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